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"This book is an "easy read" yet pushed me deeply. Very real, relatable steps on how to make change with humor mixed in! Such a fresh uncomplicated perspective on how to live happy."- Jenny D.

What Is Push Positive?
Push Positive is not just another self-help book!

It's NOT about making a perfect life in no time
-yet these strategies will help you get exponentially happier and put you in the drivers seat of your life like you've never experienced before!

It's NOT a band-aid for a bigger problem 

-yet you will be able to cope better and heal faster from any life transition you may be going through right now!

Push Positive is a SHORTCUT! 

Feeling lost, sad, miserable, or scattered are just symptoms of a much greater problem that's a little harder to see (that's the bad news) but a lot easier to fix (that's the good news).  Inside you will find the actual playbook created after living through depression and perfecting what works.  You now have access to all of these strategies, examples, and actionable steps that we use to move through life's transitions with ease!
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"Meliss does a dynamic job of literally helping you recharge your life in a positive manner, packed full with useful information.  She pushes the positivity in a way we have never seen before.  I dare you to pick it up.  I dare you to read it.  I dare you to apply it to your life."
"Definitely recommend, you will find something of value in this book. Really good strategy to improve your happiness and attitude in life."
"This book is the shit! I was feeling like life had put me through the ringer and like there was no hope.  My family and friends can't believe the turn-around in me.  If you pass this up you are really missing out on your full potential."
Introducing Push Positive - Pushing Play On Your Positive Life
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The six fundamental categories of happiness that all human beings must satisfy in order to feel fulfilled. Meliss provides you with a visualization and tool which will help you gain clarity around these six crucial areas of balance; she calls it the Wheel of Life.
  • A crystal-clear understanding of the 3-way balance that all people need to achieve harmony in their lives. The You Triangle of body, mind and spirit is an invisible 3-way communication system. Each part is interdependent on the others and each has a vital role to play in a happy and fulfilled life.
  • How to approach any of life’s obstacles or setbacks with the spirit of a champion. Meliss doesn't just provide you with platitudes and vague encouragement, she has a proven, step-by-step approach that has helped hundreds of people get their lives back on track. If you are dealing with heartbreak, sadness, loss, weight gain, depression, anxiety or are just feeling generally stuck in a rut, the C.O.M.P.A.S.S methodology will be your guide out of the darkness.
  • Five steps to reclaim your life and your power. Once you have used the Wheel of Life to bring your personal picture into sharp focus, it’s time to take action! Meliss provides you with some real-world examples of how she helped her clients make deposits in their Self Bank as they come back from tragedy, loss, heartbreak and defeat to be even stronger and more at peace than ever before. 
  • A concise playbook for how to approach each day on your journey to a more positive, rewarding life. A short read at only 63 pages, Push Positive is nonetheless packed with information and practical advice. Not only will this book help you with a clear vision of your personal roadblocks and challenges, it will then guide you through the necessary steps to overcome whatever is holding you back.
  • Inspiration and encouragement from one who has not only “been there”, but who has helped many people just like you to find peace and simplicity in their lives. In this book and in its author Meliss, the reader will find genuine care and compassion that’s coupled with practical, proven steps for effecting positive change.
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